Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celtics 2013-14 Season Preview

Offseason Moves:


L.A. Clippers Get: Doc Rivers
Boston Gets: 2015 first round draft pick

Dallas Gets: Draft rights to 16th pick Lucas Nogueira, two future second round picks
Boston Gets: Draft rights to 13th pick Kelly Olynyk

Brooklyn Gets: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, D.J. White
Boston Gets: Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, Keith Bogans, Kris Joseph, 2014 first round pick, 2016 first round pick, 2018 first round pick, Celtics have the option to swap 2017 pick with Brooklyn's 2018 pick, 2014 trade exception

Memphis Gets: Fab Melo, cash considerations
Boston Gets: Donté Greene


Vitor Faverani from Valencia BC

Phil Pressey from Boston Celtics Summer League Team

Free Agents-

Chris Wilcox 

Waived Players-

Donté Greene

Kris Joseph

Shavlik Randolph 

Terrence Williams 

Offseason Grade: C+
     The Celtics acquired four first round picks while giving up two second round picks. This is a good start for a team going into rebuild mode. They were able to get rid of their coach's humongous contract which wouldn't be very practical for a team that likely won't even make the playoffs. They also got rid of Paul Pierce's, Jason Terry's, and Kevin Garnett's large contracts. In doing so they received a trade chip in Kris Humphries whose contract is up after this season, a good young player in Marshon Brooks, and a large contract in Gerald Wallace. Gerald Wallace's large contract is the only real downside to the trade, but it does make a big difference and isn't exactly the type of contract I would've wanted in return, but considering the circumstances of Kevin Garnett's no-trade clause and the Celtics trying to trade both him and Pierce to the same team to get him to waive it, it was probably the best the Celtics could do. 
     The Celtics also signed analytics based coach Brad Stevens from Butler who will bring in a way of interpreting stats previously unseen to Boston.